Testing, Inspection & Evaluation

Veritherm can assist with carrying out a range of testing and inspection services, whether that’s for the purpose of compliance, or for gaining knowledge about how a building is performing.

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Air Tightness Testing

Veritherm provide UKAS accredited air tightness testing for Part L compliance. Our nationwide service of technical experts offer pre-site inspections through to final testing and completion.
We can offer a bespoke service to suit the needs of the client. This could be a one-off test, consultancy & advise at design stage, site visits throughout the construction process (including an illustrated report), or sample air tests to give an estimated final air testing performance.
In the event of a failed test, we can discuss a range of options to identify causes and advise on remedial actions.

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Sound/Acoustic Testing

Veritherm undertake sound insulation testing using our UKAS accredited testers.
All new build dwellings and property conversions must have a sound insulation test to comply with Part E of the building regulations.
Our Acoustic Engineers offer post completion environmental noise measurements & advice on ongoing noise problems for planning applications.

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Ventilation Flow

As buildings become more airtight and insulated, it is very important that any ventilation systems are fit for purpose.
Part F of Building Regulations requires that mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems (MHVR) and intermittent extractor fans have their flow rates and efficiency checked, and results submitted to building control as part of the overall building compliance process.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange a ventilation test for your property.

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Veritherm offer thermography surveys and inspections to identify causes of heat loss in buildings, and can recommend remedial actions to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort.
We offer a nationwide service that looks to identify:

• Thermal bridges
• Inadequate/missing/defective insulation
• Air leakage through the envelope
• Quality of through cavity wall insulation
• Water leaks or moisture ingress
• Overall performance & leaks in underfloor heating pipes

This is often used in conjunction with a Veritherm thermal performance test to give a greater understanding of a building’s heat loss.

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In-situ U-value testing can measure heat flux over a few days or weeks.
U-values of a building envelope can vary from its calculated values. The tool can be placed on floors and walls to measure the thermal transmittance of these elements. This can identify potential faults or the need for upgrade/retrofit works, and aid financial decision making.

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