Effortless Energy & Environmental Monitoring Systems

Understand your building in-use

Our monitoring solutions aim to bring in-use building performance to life.


 Providing added insight, intelligence and monthly reporting, they can help to optimise and improve your building.


Whether it’s monitoring indoor air quality or comfort, or providing information about energy usage, our wide range of sensors and metering devices can bring both health and financial benefits.

How it works
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Stage 1: Tailor your requirements

Work with our team to identify your bespoke package of discreet monitoring tools. These include sensors and meters that monitor:

• Indoor temperature
• Relative humidity
• Indoor air quality
• Energy consumption

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Stage 2: Installation

An engineer will come to your property and install a series of sensors and metering devices that will remain in-situ.

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Stage 3: Monitoring

The data collection process is fully automated with information being sent wirelessly to our cloud-based platform. It’s a hands-off approach for the occupant and doesn’t require visits to retrieve information.

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Stage 4: Reporting

Our fully automated system will provide you with monthly reports that give you:

• Building performance insights
• Alerts that highlight potential problem areas
• Data to feed into a digital twin

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Fully Automated

The process returns monthly reporting and insights


Bespoke monitoring solutions are cost effective


Our intelligent system performs all the calculations


 The automated process provides immediate and quantitative results


Minimal disruption for occupants


 The process has been fully validated

Veritherm monitoring is being used across a range of clients and sectors


Please contact us for a quote based on your bespoke requirements


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