Letter of support from Government

In June 2019, Veritherm received a letter of endorsement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). MHCLG is a ministerial department to create great places to live and work, and to give more power to local people to shape what happens in their area. Prior to the letter, Veritherm’s concept was presented to government officials who showed great eagerness for the idea to be further developed. They agreed that there is a significant performance gap between the designed and as-built energy function of new buildings, and highlighted the importance of this issue needing to be addressed to help to achieve our net zero targets.

Line of terraced houses

Dr Victoria Tink, Building Scientist (Technical Policy Division, Building Safety Portfolio) addresses those points in the letter, in addition to, saying that while there are several reasons for the performance gap, a lack of verification is a major contributor. She also states that a marketable product to measure and verify the thermal capacity of a building could help reduce the performance gap. In conclusion she said:

“This product [Veritherm] could therefore contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from homes, reducing occupant bills and to the UK meeting its carbon budgets”

Since then, Veritherm is no longer a concept and has developed significantly. It is now that ‘marketable product to measure and verify the thermal capacity of a building’. The rapid, accurate and cost-effective approach means that mass scalable in-situ thermal testing can now be achieved.

Ministry of Housing, communities & Local Government