Good Homes Alliance

In October 2020, Veritherm joined the Good Homes Alliance, an organisation which promotes and encourages the building of quality sustainable homes and communities to transform the whole of mainstream UK house building. This organisation promotes higher quality sustainable housing and standards via collaborations with industry and government. It focuses on four themes: ‘alternative housing models’, ‘healthy homes’, ‘net zero and future homes’, and ‘quality and performance’.

Eco home rural location

Net zero and future homes is something which Good Homes Alliance has been committed to achieving for years. They are currently undertaking extensive research to find out what the demand for zero carbon homes is in the UK and how the UK’s targets for these can be achieved. Two key factors will help to make the journey to net zero carbon possible: fabric energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

‘Quality and performance’ are about addressing the building performance gap, as it is widely reported that many homes are performing 200-300% worse than intended. The Zero Carbon Hub has reported that closing the gap between designed and built performance needs addressing in zero carbon homes designed for the future. This is where Veritherm can help due to its accurate thermal performance readings against design intent. One of the main objectives of Veritherm is to help increase energy efficiency in all buildings. Good Homes Alliance described Veritherm as a quick, simple, and cost-effective method to measure and verify the ‘actual’ energy efficiency of homes. The use of sensors connected to a cloud-based system provides an accurate energy rating instead of assumptions used in an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Energy assessments need to be improved if the government wants to meet its energy efficiency targets in homes in the coming years. A quick and accurate measurement test, such as Veritherm, means that hundreds of thousands of homes could be measured each year.