Future Homes Standard

The ‘Future Homes Standard’ consultation was recently concluded confirming to increase the energy efficiency requirements of our future homes. The introduction of the Annex D compliance report further endorses real-world measurement, testing, and verification. Veritherm fills this vitally important space and can be used to test and verify energy loss calculations in all buildings. 

In January 2021 it was confirmed that the BREL Annex D compliance report will be a mandatory requirement for all new buildings to confirm whether the energy levels from a property are the same as its intended design.

The BREL report will be a document produced using the information from the SAP calculations and will have to be signed by the energy assessor and the developer to confirm that the as-built calculations are accurate.

Veritherm building surveyor

Veritherm is the perfect tool to use for verifying as built heat loss assumptions. This removes risk for Developers and Energy Assessors allowing them to quickly find out whether a house is performing to the required level. 

It is hoped that by 2025, new homes will be producing 75-80% lower carbon emissions compared to current levels and that the Annex D report will play a significant role for whether the target will be achieved or not.