Building Performance Standard

The BPN has secured funding to develop the ‘British Standard for Building Performance Evaluation’, which is a necessary requirement due to the current lack of standardisation of methodologies, techniques, and equipment.

The four criteria to help develop ‘British Standard for Building Performance Evaluation’ are: best practise (for building performance, data collection and analysis); providing a peer review for the industry; providing information on current projects and identify its implications for the industry; and creating a platform for collaboration whilst providing a hub for networks through web tools, conferences and commissioned reports.

New rural housing construction

The Building Performance Standard will hugely affect the building industry as it will support the adoption of in-situ thermal performance measurement. This will help energy performance ratings become more accurate as it will make them more consistent and reliable. The BPN will also help to inform the industry of the different testing solutions on what they should be used for and what their merits are. Veritherm is a testing solution which fits in with the BPNs key driving goals, as it is a solution to help reduce the building performance gap. As the objective of running a Veritherm test is to check whether a property is performing efficiently compared to its intended design. The plan is for the Building Performance Standard to overhaul the industry, making sure that energy performances are correct and useful. Veritherm strives to be leading the way in helping to implement this new standard.

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