BIM+ recognises Veritherm as a 2019 Landmark Innovation

In December 2019, Veritherm was described by BIM+ (an open BIM model-based project collaboration platform for the construction industry) as being a landmark innovation. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a modern way of giving relevant building professionals a way to efficiently plan, construct, and manage buildings. Information like this is included on an online site called Bim+ (alternatively spelt BimPlus), a digital construction resource.

Veritherm building surveyor

BIM+ highlighted how Veritherm can be a tool to help close the performance gap. It says that by closing this gap, it enables the construction industry to verify that new buildings perform as specified contributing to the UK meeting its climate change commitments.

The article talks about the involvement by technical developers Cambridge Consultants, highlighting their assistance in achieving the dedicated structure built that could be heated and cooled. It also says that traditional methods of assessing thermal performance use the standard assessment procedure (SAP), a calculation derived from a manufacturer’s datasheet values, standard tables and allowances for junctions and potential bridging. These traditional methods are only based on predictions, it is vitally important to gain physical in-situ measurements to truly measure thermal performance.

BIM+ also mentions the support from the UK’s Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. In addition, Andrew Lintott, senior consultant at Cambridge Consultants said:

“The UK’s Climate Change Act gives us a little over a decade to halve energy usage from new buildings, but the industry continues to construct buildings that underperform their design estimate. Bold and rapid action is required. Veritherm shows that by harnessing the right technologies we can create pragmatic and powerful tools that contribute to achieving lower emissions.”

You can read more about Bim+ said about Veritherm on here: