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Become a Registered Tester

Becoming a Approved Tester

Does Veritherm complement your existing range of services? Could your clients and projects benefit from our smart thermal measurement service?

Become an Approved Tester today and enhance your business, and revenue, with our unique and unrivalled testing solution.

Earn 80% commission on every test.

We have trialled and tested the market before making our Veritherm solution widely available to individuals and organisations alike. 

Ideal for:

Air Tightness Testers

Building Compliance & Inspection Specialists

Thermal Imaging Surveyors

Retrofit Coordinators

Building Surveyors

Energy Assessors

…and many more!

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Approved Tester Benefits

Generate your own Veritherm sales and charge £500+VAT per test and earn £400+VAT per test.

Gain access to our Veritherm Leads Portal where you can capitalise on project leads, we forward these leads onto you, you carry out the test and we pay you £250+VAT per test. We cover the certificate lodgement fee.

Add a highly innovative service to your business and keep ahead of your competitors.

Increase your revenue significantly with a technology that is a natural accompaniment to your existing range of services.

Pay back your initial kit and training start-up investment
within 14 Veritherm test sales.

Additional Veritherm kits available for you test
multiple properties simultaneously.

Play your part in helping the UK to meet its
climate change commitments.

Interested in becoming an Approved Tester?

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Becoming a Partner

Are you interested in using Veritherm to test your own buildings, products, or services?

Become a Veritherm Partner today and benefit from in-house testing capability that can be deployed within your organisation at any time.

Becoming a Partner gives you autonomy and the benefit of huge cost savings in testing your dwellings.

Ideal for:

Housing Associations

Local Authorities

Housing Providers

Product Manufactorers


…and many more!

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Partner Benefits

Understand the performance of your buildings, products or services.

Assess the quality and standards of your own
work and third-party Contractors.

Check you are getting the best performance
possible out of your asset.

To test your dwellings to allow informed decision making and strategy.

Identify problems with your building with your
buildings early and before hand-over/ and or sign off.

Carry out quality assurance & stock assessments.

Understand, quantify, and minimise the performance gap.

Undertake bespoke case-studies.

Interested in becoming a Veritherm Partner?

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Start Up Cost

Veritherm Training Course £1250 + VAT
Veritherm Test Kit £3950 + VAT
Annual Membership (per seat) £300 + VAT

Revenue Potential

Tests are charged out at a fixed cost of £500 + VAT (Where applicable)

Earn £400 + VAT per test (£500 + VAT less £100 + VAT certificate lodgement fee)
Earn £250 + VAT per test on Veritherm Leads

Annual Test Kit Calibration TBC

Start Up Cost

Veritherm Training Course £1250 + VAT
Veritherm Test Kit £3950 + VAT
Annual Membership (per seat) £300 + VAT
Total £5500 + VAT

Pay as you Test

Test Fee £100 + VAT
Annual Test Kit Calibration TBC